The Enlightened One

☸ If I can spend 15 minutes with ANYONE, then my option would be Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha Gautama is one of the most influential individual that inspired me to appreciate the Buddhist religion. The peace and harmony among ourselves is the key to our happiness and freedom. I would love to ask Siddhartha about why he believed in the principles of karma & reincarnation, which therefore leads to the reason why he created the Wheel of Dharma, Four Noble Truths, and Nirvana. We live in a world where we are surrounded by karma and negative energy, but Buddhism goes way beyond to where we can bring light to us, a light that creates the sense of purity, happiness, and virtue. Think of the present moment today with the elections that occurred recently? Where is the light that shines rather than darkness overpowering us? Having 15 minutes with Siddhartha Gautama would be a blessing upon my life, knowing that I can learn from the ways he maintained his happiness and wisdom. The key is al…

New Year, New Goals 2017

A new year means a new chapterin someone’s life. This is a brand, new year to accomplish goals we have not yet, or create new achievements. I am very excited to enter the year of 2017, where I can become motivated and determined to do what’s best for myself. It’s worth celebrating because we as individuals know that we can keep move forward, and keep encouraging others, inspiring others to be innovative and creative. We are the change and the light to this society, as we motivate each other, and spread the happiness upon each other.
My goals in life: ➽ Finding my happiness ➽ Motivating myself to become healthy ➽ Being inspired to travel around the world ➽ Earn an education, where its power will allow the ability to think innovation and creativity
Many of us enter this world, with many years to look forward to. We develop our mindfulness and our inner peace upon ourselves which make goals a target for many individuals. I intend to move towards these goals by starting to focus on myself and …